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C-Bridge Closes $400 Million China Healthcare Fund | July 18, 2017

BGI Genomics Climbs 44% after $81 Million Shenzhen IPO | July 14, 2017

$147 Million Wuhan Healthcare Fund Formed by Leading VC Principals | July 7, 2017

BeiGene Signs Blockbuster $1.4 Billion Deal with Celgene for PD-1 Asset | July 6, 2017

Sinobioway Raises Offer for Vaccine Maker Sinovac to $459 Million | June 30, 2017

BGI Genomic's $250 Million Shenzhen IPO Scheduled for July | June 23, 2017

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Recent Articles

Recent Articles

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  WuXi AppTec Participates in $5.9 Million Series A for Rodeo Therapeutics (in: Deals & Financings)
  Nanjing Frontier Acquires Rights to Rockefeller University HIV/AIDS Antibody (in: Deals & Financings)
  DelMar Approved to Start China Phase II Trial of Brain Cancer Treatment (in: Trials & Approvals)
  Week in Review: C-Bridge Raises $400 Million for Second China Healthcare Fund (in: Week in Review)
  Geneseeq Raises "Hundred of Millions of RMB" in C Round to Develop NGS (in: Deals & Financings)
  Lee's Pharm and SillaJen Approved for China Immunotherapy Trial (in: Trials & Approvals)
  Cardinal Health Plans $1.5 Billion Sale of China Drug Distribution Business (in: Deals & Financings)
  Beijing's Symbow Closes $17 Million Funding for Surgical Navigator (in: Deals & Financings)
  Uni-Bio Raises $18.2 Million; Partners with HeungKong Group (in: Deals & Financings)